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How long will my shipment take to get to me?

The time it takes for the carrier to deliver your shipment will depend on the destination. We will be shipping your order from our warehouse in Louisville, Colorado. You can check the below times and maps for the estimated time in transit for your ar

What should I know about import brokerage and fees?

We are excited to have so many International customers and would like to help make the import process as easy and understandable as possible. International shipments require brokerage and customs clearance to enter your country. Once your order arriv

How can I avoid high transit cost to Alaska?

We understand that shipping costs to Alaska are expensive. Thanks to a customer of ours, we have a resource to share that may make the shipping cost to AK more affordable. Shipping to Washington State and using a freight forwarder may be the solution

What if my shipment is delayed or lost?

We are so sorry that your shipment is delayed in transit. We are here to help!. Occasionally, carriers will miss a scan when it's processed at their sorting facility; in that case, the tracking will not be updated. Because, likely, your order is stil

Why don't you offer USPS International shipping services?

Once a package leaves the United States, it is no longer under the jurisdiction of the US Postal Service. Once it reaches the destination country, it is transferred to its postal service. Due to many issues with deliveries to foreign countries while

Damaged UPS Shipment

We are so sorry to hear that your shipment was damaged in transit! Damage claims are eligible for 60 - 90 days, depending on the carrier and method:. We will replace damaged or removed items from your packages within that timeline. To get started, pl

EcoEnclose In-Store Pickup Policy

We love to meet and chat with our local customers! Please read below for the process you will follow when picking up an order. We will hold your order for pickup for 2 weeks after your first email notification before the order is recycled/restocked.

What should I know about import costs for Canadian shipments?

There may be customs duties and brokerage fees when importing EcoEnclose products, depending on the value of the shipment and the carrier you choose. You can read more about the import process here. Unfortunately, we cannot figure exact costs for you

Tariff Codes and Import Criteria for EcoEnclose Products

Shipping to a UPS Store Location

Yes! We can ship to a UPS store location.There are two ways to do this. If using this method, you must have an account and mailbox set up with The UPS Store that you are having packages delivered to. Please make sure to include a box number in the sh