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Tariff Codes and Import Criteria for EcoEnclose ProductsUpdated a year ago

ProductHS Tariff CodeCountry of Origin
Preferential Criteria

Cello Packing Tape:4811.41.00.90SpainD
Clear Bags6305.33.00.90USAC
Corrugated Boxes and Bubble4819.10.00.90USAC
Glassine Bags4817100000 China C
Hemp Twine5609.00.00.00RomaniaC
Kraft Flatback Packing Tape4811.41.00.10USAC
Office Envelopes4802.55.00.50USAC
Office Paper and Note Cards4802.55.00.20USAC
Packing Tape Dispenser8422.90.90.50USAC
Paper Dispenser8472.90.9002USAC
Paper Mailers4817.10.00.00USAC
Paper Rolls4804.31.00.99USAC
Paper Shopping Bags4819.40.00.90USAC
Paperboard Tuck Boxes4823.90.00.90USAC
Poly Mailers6305.33.00.90USAC
Shipping Labels4821.90.2USA, CanadaC
Stickers482190USA, CanadaC
Tissue Paper4811.90.00.19USAC
Water Activated Tape4811.41.00.10USAC
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