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What are poly bag suffocation requirements?

Poly bag suffocation requirements are becoming more prevalent, but there is a lot of confusion about where, when, and why they are required. Our blog provides extensive detail on this topic. Read on for a summary of what this means for your business

Is your tissue paper chlorine free?

Yes! Our Tissue Paper is chlorine free. Here are some other features for our papers:

I love the sample kit box. Can I order that same box?

Yes! You can order our sample kit box. This box is a TL, or Tab Locking style, in 32 ECT E material. The interior dimensions are 13.25 x 10.25 x 2.25". That said, we have sent out different dimensions in the past, so please double-check the interior

How much volume does the case of Ornament Paper Shred fill?

If you want to understand how many shipping boxes you can fill with a single case of Ornament Paper Shred, look no further. Calculate this in inches since your corrugated shipping boxes are likely measured in inches. A case of ornament paper shred is

Can you recommend a box or mailer size to ship my product?

We recommend measuring the item(s) you need to ship first. Arrange them on a table or counter and imagine a box around those items. Measure the Length x Width x Height of that imaginary box. For custom corrugated shipping boxes:. For bubble mailers:.

Can I order mailers without the EcoEnclose logo?

Our mailers and shopping bags are pre-printed with our logo and recycled information during production. The vast majority of companies we work with want us to do this so that they can showcase their eco-friendly packaging efforts to their customers.

What box strength should I choose?

Box strength is a surprisingly complicated and nuanced characteristic! Here, we provide high-level guidance for anyone deciding whether to use 23ECTB, 32ECTC, 32ECTE, or 44ECTC sheets for their custom shipping box. To better understand the factors th

What is the difference between Tab Lock Rigid Mailers and the Self Seal Rigid Mailers?

EcoEnclose offers two rigid mailers:. Tab Lock Extra Rigid MailersSelf Seal Rigid Mailers. They are both 100% recycled paperboard - 90% of which is post-consumer recycled content. Both are a brown Kraft color with a great eco aesthetic. Here are the

WAT Dispenser Troubleshooting and Warranty Info

EcoEnclose has 5 Water Activated Tape Dispensers, each with different features. We have compiled this resource for some possible scenarios in case you are experiencing any issues with your dispenser. You can also find our warranty information below i

BMC - Box Certification Stamp Requirements

We no longer offer a BMC stamp or the EcoEnclose stamp for boxes. If you want recycled information on your box, you can include those details in an art file and order custom-printed boxes. Many corrugated boxes have a round or square Box Manufacturer

Are EcoEnclose product available for wholesale?

EcoEnclose does not offer wholesale accounts, but we have quantity discounts for most of our products that are automatically applied to orders. We are a manufacturer and distributor selling primarily to ecommerce businesses. We also occasionally sell

How do I load the 2" Carton Sealing Handheld Tape Dispenser?

Below are the instructions for loading our 2" carton sealing handheld tape dispenser.

Where are EcoEnclose products made?

All EcoEnclose products are manufactured in the USA, except the following:. Cello Tape: Spain. Hemp Twine: Hungary. Glassine Bags: China. Flexi Hex: China. Zero Waste Shipping Labels and Stickers: Canada. SpiroPack Eco: India. Why do we care so much

How should I pack dishes?

Are you shipping out vintage dishes, tea sets, or glassware? Here are some handy packing guidelines to ensure that your items arrive safely. 1. Select a box that will allow you to pack no more than 10 lbs. *It is important to keep the size compact be

How do I place an order for custom shipping boxes?

Find instant quotes and place a sample or quantity box order via our site here:. Here are the steps:. Step 1: Click on the box style - there should be a green box around your selection. Step 2:

How do I use the Pull & Tear Tape Dispenser?

EcoEnclose Kraft Paper Tape Pull & Tear Dispenser is designed for those on a budget with low-packaging volumes. Hefty steel construction with a baked enamel finish which prevents corrosion. The tape delivery system delivers moistened tape with a pull

Paper Weight Metric Conversion

A paper's basis weight is measured in pounds (lbs) in North America. Paper mills outside North America use the metric system to designate paper weight - grams/square meter (gsm). Below is a list of conversions for EcoEnclose packaging papers from gsm

What are high tack thermal labels?

EcoEnclose High Tack Thermal Label Rolls were introduced for use on our Padded Mailers, which have an uneven surface and are difficult to adhere to. These shipping labels utilize a hot melt adhesive, 100% adhesive (no water), similar in material make

What are box dimensions?

Are you inputting your dimensions for a custom shipping box? If so, you might be confused - what are the height, width, and length?. Box dimensions always refer to measurements INSIDE of the box. You will list the dimensions in inches according to Le

What is the font size of the suffocation warning on EcoEnclose poly bags?

EcoEnclosepoly bags with suffocation warning uses the below font sizes for the suffocation warning print. This complies with Amazon and FDA requirements. 4x5" and 6x8" bags: 10pt. 7.5x10", 9x12" and 10.5x14" bags: 12pt. 12x18" bag: 14pt. 18x24" bag: