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What are high tack thermal labels?Updated a year ago

EcoEnclose High Tack Thermal Label Rolls were introduced for use on our Padded Mailers, which have an uneven surface and are difficult to adhere to. These shipping labels utilize a hot melt adhesive, 100% adhesive (no water), similar in material makeup to a hot glue stick. This makes for a stronger and more permanent seal than can be achieved through acrylic emulsion. Most labels, including UPS and DYMO, utilize acrylic emulsion adhesive (~50% adhesive and ~50% water). 

Recognizing that these are NOT a more sustainable option than standard labels is important. They are a solution designed to help companies ensure they can successfully use 100% recycled paper-based packaging with uneven or cushioned surfaces.

These labels utilize a gap or transmissive setting. Read our Printer Compatibility Guide to confirm which labels are compatible with your printer.

If you are not sure if our labels will work in your printer, you are welcome to place an order to test them. Try the different setting options, and if our labels do not work, we are happy to process a return for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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