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Are EcoEnclose products compostable?

According to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), for a material or product to be considered to be "Compostable," the product must:. Many of EcoEnclose's products are made with recycled paper, making them naturally biodegradable and

Are EcoEnclose poly mailers recyclable?

Yes -- EcoEnclose Poly Mailers and Bubble Mailers can be recycled with #2 or #4 plastics. Most grocery stores, department stores, pharmacies, and other retailers will accept these types of plastic. You can also ask your local curbside recycling progr

What is the difference between Compostable and Biodegradable?

Thank you for looking for more information on this question! Here's a definition of three terms in this space, often incorrectly used interchangeably:. Compostable: This term refers to items that microbes can break down at a rate consistent with othe

How do I recycle EcoEnclose products?

We've outlined detailed end-of-life guidance here for our sustainable shipping solutions. Thank you for keeping it circular!

Sustainable Attributes of EcoEnclose Tapes

Water-Activated Tape - Reinforced. Water-Activated Tape - Non-Reinforced. Cello Tape. Kraft Flatback Tape

Where can I recycle my EcoEnclose sticker liners?

Good news! EcoEnclose offers a Liner Take-Back Program for EcoEnclose standard paper stickers. Here are the steps:. If you ordered from our Zero Waste line, those are recyclable in your curbside bin.

Why doesn't EcoEnclose sell white recycled packaging?

We sometimes get requests for white boxes, mailers, or paper. Our goal is to provide the most eco-friendly options on the market, which often translates into plain brown kraft. Here are three common reasons you don't see a lot of white 100% recycled