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Where can I recycle my EcoEnclose sticker liners?Updated a year ago

Good news! EcoEnclose offers a Liner Take-Back Program for EcoEnclose standard paper stickers.

Here are the steps: 

  1. Save the packaging you receive your standard paper stickers or labels in. 
  2. Save CLEAN liners in this packaging as you use your stickers and labels. Remove the matrix or any sticker or adhesive material on your liner.
  3. When ready, contact us for a return shipping label to send your package to our warehouse at 416 South Taylor, Louisville, CO 80027. Contact us via [email protected], 888.445.6575, or via chat. 
We have structured our Liner Take-Back Program to minimize waste. This is why we are asking you to save and reuse your original packaging rather than our sending out single-use packaging to store and ship these liners. If you can't save your original packaging, you can use any other packaging you have on hand or contact us, and we will send you a mailer. 

If you ordered from our Zero Waste line, those are recyclable in your curbside bin. 

Thank you for your sustainable efforts!
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