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Custom Printing

Is custom printing available on your tapes?

Yes, we offer custom packing tape! We have three options - Water-Activated Tape in Reinforced and Non-Reinforced, Kraft Flatback Tape, and Cello Tape. Shop custom packing tape here. There is a minimum order quantity of 6 to 10 cases to custom print o

Do you offer printed samples?

We offer printed mailer, shipping box, notecard, and sticker samples. Here are the details for each product:. - Boxes: 5-10 printed samples with your art/logo- Lead time is 5-7 days plus ship time but could change based on our current print queue- Fe

Do you offer colored poly mailers?

We currently have two colors of Poly Mailers: Ivory and Gray. We can offer custom colors, edge-to-edge, and full-color printing, for quantities of 25,000+. For these quantities, please contact us for more information.

Can boxes be printed in multiple colors?

Our custom shipping boxes can be printed in two colors. If you want two-color box printing, please review our shipping box artwork guidelines. Contact [email protected] to share more about your vision and ensure we believe your envisioned box desi

Can I print barcodes on my packaging?

Yes, we have printed barcodes on mailers (paper and plastic) and boxes. Below summarizes our warning/recommendation on this topic: We cannot guarantee that flexo-printed UPCs will scan. However, they have worked fine for our customers in most instanc

What ink colors are available for custom packaging?

Curious about what colors we offer for custom printing on our packaging? You can find this information on the individual artwork guidelines by product pages. We also offer a more sustainable Algae ink for our paper options, available in black ink onl

Templates for EcoEnclose Sheet Labels

Thank you for choosing eco-friendly shipping labels! Here, you can find PDF and Microsoft Word templates for our 6.5x4.5" or 8.5x5.5" labels. These templates work for both our WHITE and our KRAFT shipping labels. SL-8.5-x-5.5.pdf. SL-8.5-x-5.5.doc. S

Vector vs. Raster Graphics

Vector graphics use geometrical objects, including points, lines, curves, circles, or other shapes, to form an image. The alternative is a bitmap or raster graphics, a map of bits (dots or pixels). Unlike bitmap graphics, vector graphics are scalable