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Can I print barcodes on my packaging?Updated a year ago

Yes, we have printed barcodes on mailers (paper and plastic) and boxes. Below summarizes our warning/recommendation on this topic: We cannot guarantee that flexo-printed UPCs will scan. However, they have worked fine for our customers in most instances, assuming they are of a certain size. We recommend:

  • UPCs should be sized at 150% and should have a bearer bar around them:
  • The standard magnification for (100%) UPC symbols requires a total area of 1.46″ x 1.020″. UPC sizes can range between 80-200%. Symbols less than 80% (1.1875″ x .813″) may not be scannable by retailers. The dimensions at 150% are as follows.



Figure 18 - UPC at 150% with bearer bar

Dynamic Bar Code Printing

While most of our customers require a single, identical bar code to be printed on each of their boxes or mailers, we have received periodic requests for dynamic bar cording, such that a unique bar code is printed on each mailer. These requests are usually made by companies looking to automate their warehouse operations with dynamic barcode scanning for accurate order fulfillment. To learn more about our capabilities, check out this case study on our work with Fjallraven. We can print dynamic bar codes on large orders (25,000 units or above). If this is what you're looking for, please contact us with your needs and questions.

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