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How should I pack dishes?Updated a year ago

Are you shipping out vintage dishes, tea sets, or glassware? Here are some handy packing guidelines to ensure that your items arrive safely. 

1. Select a box that will allow you to pack no more than 10 lbs.

*It is important to keep the size compact because packing too many pieces in a single box makes the box difficult to move and provides a temptation for the carriers to put a larger, heavier box at the bottom of a stack when loading into trucks, which can mean that your dishes end up sitting under too much weight.

2. Put cushioning at the bottom of the box before adding any wrapped pieces.

3. Cushioning: Wrap each piece separately in GreenWrap or the Flexi-Hex Air Sleeve. Ensure adequate layering and excellent padding around each item.

4. Pack the wrapped items into the box. Ensure that the sides of the packed objects are at least 1"  away from the edge of the box. Certain items require special attention:

  • For plates, place them on their edge, as they are much stronger packed that way, making certain they do not touch the bottom. Put scrunched up newspaper or cushioning at the bottom of a box carrying plates.
  • Wrap the lids of items such as sugar bowls, teapots, and casserole dishes separately from the main portion. If the lid is very small, gently tape it in place after wrapping both pieces so it will not be lost. Then wrap the item as a single unit.
  • Some items, such as bowls, will be most protected wrapped and then placed inside a sleeve or smaller box.

5. Fill in all the empty areas of the box with scrunched-up paper. This will prevent the items from moving around or shifting inside the box.

Check for movement. If there is any movement, add more stuffing to prevent it.

For delicate items such as the teapot, use double boxing with packing peanuts to fill empty space between the outer and inner boxes.

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