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What do I do if I've experienced credit card fraud?Updated a year ago

If you have received a shipment from us that you did not order or have a charge on your card that you do not recognize, our sincerest apologies! Please contact us.

We do see fraudulent orders come through from time to time. We try to stay alert and catch them, but some get through and are processed. Typically these are ordered from an email address that ends with @

If the order is processed and fulfilled, there is not much we can do from our end. We will not be able to refund the transaction, but instead, we need to wait for our payment process to identify it as fraud and do a chargeback. Report the charge to your credit card company ASAP. (It gets in the way of the fraud process with their credit card if we try to do something on our end). Chargebacks typically take about a week to process.

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